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Women's Plans Foundation is a charitable trust raising funds for family planning as an integral part of overseas aid programs.

 "If we cannot enable women to manage family size, our human family will continue its intolerable stresses on our world."    Alice Oppen

 "The case for family planning starts with human rights, flowers with women's empowerment and reaches fruition with climate levelling."  Rosalind Strong

"When 40% of pregnancies in the world are unplanned, when maternal mortality is unconscionably high in many countries, and complex social, cultural and economic issues surround family planning, your careful and thoughtful intervention is a bright hope for women in need across the world."  Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC CVO, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, Patron of Women's Plans Foundation, now The Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce AD CVO, Patron of Women's Plans Foundation

The issues          The world's population recently surpassed seven billion people and more than half live in poverty.  Yet around half of births are unplanned and a quarter, unwanted.  Multiple pregnancies in close succession imperil women's lives, keep families poor and burden the resources of developing nations.  Family planning can improve the human condition with great effectiveness and compassion.

What we do        Women's Plans Foundation aims to improve the accessibility of family planning services for those most in need.  Women with access to contraception and reproductive health care gain personal, psychological and economic security.  The rewards of family planning are manifest to those with means and education; the wealthiest women in developing countries are between four and twelve times more likely to use contraception.  The World Health Organisation estimates that 222 million women would practice family planning if gven the option but are currently denied the right.  Our focus is our neighbourhood, the Asia Pacific region.  We direct our funds towards disadvantaged women who would otherwise be denied reproductive health care, often because of the remote and difficult areas in which they live.  WPF chooses grant recipient organisations based on their effectivenss and integrity, and in doing so we aim to contribut to the overall strength of the field.  Avove all, we foster relationsips with aid organisations that have focus, enthusiasm and commitment to family planning.

Our achievements       It is encouraging that family planning is gaining crucial recognition among donors and governments.  The health and survival benefits for women and girls are bringing acceptance among religious and cultural groups where women have a part in decision-making.  Family planning must compete with 'motherhood' 'marketable' causes.  WPF is committed to keeping contraception and reproductive health on the agenda of leaders and aid donors.  We work to raise the profile fo family panning by demonstrating its critical place in development.

YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66G6R56K_GU will take you to PNG to visit women whose lives are changed by access to family planning.  Thanks to Rebecca Barry, film maker, whose documentary I Am A Girl is now showing in select cinemas.  WPF will show this beautiful, poignant film on November 24th.

Publication:  Population, Culture & Climate Change -- download from Advocacy page.

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Introductory Video about Women's Plans Foundation,
filmed and produced by FilmStretch:

The women's share       Australian women can reach out to women in this part of the world to share an ability we now take for granted - planning the number and spacing of children. Women know how many children they can nurture, and women know there are many ways to contribute to society and decision-making for the long term future.

Our sharing           You can do more to help the world's population pressures (famine, war, disease, environmental degradation) by donating to the family planning component in overseas aid than you can in any other fundamental way. The effects of your help will grow exponentially in world stewardship.

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