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National Council of Women Award

Applications for 2016

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2015 winner is Georgi Sheumack

Georgi has been a volunteer in Indonesia, and writes that she "has become interested in the complex cultural and legal barriers that Indonesian women face in accessing and choosing faily planning health services."  She has seen the results of unintended pregnancies, sometimes as children who are put in orphanages because their parents cannot afford to care for them.  Georgi is a student of midwifery at UTS.

WPF has continued its support of the School of Nursing, University of Sydney, awarding a scholarhip to Annika Schryver for the second year of a masters in Nursing.   

2014 Applications:  the winner is Souti Khalil

The 2014 Award will be presented to Souti Khalil on January 23rd at the National Council of Women's Australia Day luncheon.  Souti has a Bachelor of Medical Science and is in the first year of her Master of Nursing degree at the School of Nursing, University of Sydney.  Souti has been a volunteer in Kenya, which "increased my passion to reach out and teach women that they have the ability to plan the number and spacing of their children and take ownership of their reproductive health....  I saw the lack of family planning and the critical effect it had....  What really broke my heart was seeing the woman's blank expression as she entered the delivery room and the blank expression, which remained after leaving with her baby.  Another unwanted baby is born."  

The 2013 Award was presented to Kathleen Foster, Master of Nursing Student at the University of Sydney.  Kathleen saw firsthand the effects of nonexistent family planning in Kenya, many of the women having their fourth or fifth child before age 25.  Kathleen wrote, "Education aboout family planning in Kenya is well below the levels seen in developed nations.  By teaching women that they have the ability to plan the number and spacing of their children and take ownership of their reproductive health, we not only improve maternal health but also decrease child mortality rates as well."

The 2012 Award was presented to Jacqueline Goss, completing a Masters of Public Health/Health Management at NSW, majoring in International Health with Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health, earning the Family Planning Australia Certificate.  Jacqueline wrote that her study "is not only fascinating but has also confirmed my interest in maternal mortality, fertility regulation, gender equality and the role of global agencies in reproductive health."  

The 2011 Award was presented to Karina Sijabat, completing a B. Arts majoring in Government & International Relations concurrently with a M. Nursing.  We wish her well in her studies and her ambitions to meet the issues "surrounding poverty, large families and low access to healthcare".  Karina sees nursing as a practical and effective means of becoming involved.

Given in recognition of Women's Plans Foundation, the Award is presented annually at an Australia Day Luncheon.

Applications are sought from currently enrolled students with a demonstrated interest in reproductive health who have an understanding of the role of family planning in women's development in third world countries. 

Applications should include a 200 to 300 word account of the student's academic record, and an account of demonstrated interest in reproductive health and family planning as a component of women's development in developing countries. Applicants may also include a resume, outlining relevant professional experience, volunteer work or special need.  The application should be submitted electronically, as a Word doc or pdf.  Submissions should be emailed to oppenama@bigpond.com.

Form:  wpf/file/WPF NCW Award 2012.pdf  


Essay Competition -- $500 prize

2015 Entries now sought

This Prize is given by Women's Plans Foundation to stimulate analysis of family planning as a strategy in dealing with world problems.

Topic for 2015

"Climate change cannot be addressed without addressing the rise in the human population, and enabling access to contraception will need to be part of the solution."  Discuss.

1.  This competition is open to undergraduate students currently enrolled at a university.

Download Application form, with details and conditions here.

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Women's input, through education, social involvement, child-rearing, business activity and participation in government, is invaluable.

Breaking the poverty cycle

Women's Plans Foundation is a charitable trust which donates to NGOs accredited by AusAID to deliver reproductive health programs.

The Foundation's Trust Fund generates income to bring continuity to family planning development in areas of poverty.

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